Interesting Myths about Movie Theaters

For an industry that’s been around for as long as movie theaters have, there’s bound to be a few myths that pop up during its life cycle. Movie theaters have been no stranger to these myths, and it’s high time a few of them were debunked. Some of them are funny, and others have some truth behind them, but all of them should make you want to go to the movies.

First, who hasn’t at least considered smuggling some food in? Most movie theater money comes from the concession stand, not the ticket sales, but with prices for things like water or a candy bar being so large, you almost have to smuggle stuff in. Besides, it’s not like you get banned from the theater for it right?

Well, bringing in your own stuff is completely allowed. How many minds did that blow? Yep, you can bring in your own food without feeling guilty or having to hide it. As long as the food is nonalcoholic and not hot, then you are all good. So, bring in your chips, candy, and other movie going snacks without any guilt whatsoever.

Then if you really want a hot meal, either grab dinner afterward or buy a hot meal at the stand. It’ll certainly cost less!

Start and End Times

Have you ever noticed that when movies say they start at 10, and you arrive at 10, you get into your seat just in time for the previews? It’s a common practice for a Movie theater in trumbull to start the pre-show, with all the sneak peeks, advertising, short films, and other items around a half hour before the movie starts. This allows for people to come into the theater without being late, and gives time for everyone to get situated.

Besides, doesn’t it feel nice to just say “we can be late, the first few minutes are just the preview.” It certainly stops this author from rushing! However, the end time of the movie is accurate, allowing for people to clean up and get out before the next showing starts. Timing is everything when it comes to movie theaters because it’s all about getting people in and out.

Timing and Clean Up

Since the ending is so on the dot, especially if the film is very popular, sometimes the staff doesn’t get the chance to do a deep clean and remove every trace of popcorn or mess. They might even have to clean several theaters all within a short timeframe, so if you make a mess, at least try to get it cleaned up.

Movie theater in trumbulldo a deep clean

If you see a mess when you entire a theater, then pick it up or just ignore it. Chances are the crazy time schedule didn’t allow people to thoroughly clean things up. Complaining about it probably won’t help, so it’s better to just be mature and focus on the movie. A little spilled popcorn isn’t going to hurt anything, or ruin your experience.